Berlin // Re-Vision. Italian Independent Cinema – October 16th

Italian Independent Cinema

selected by Rapporto Confidenziale / Digital Magazine about Cinematic Culture
in collaboration with Dobia Lab / Creative and Artistic Labs

Sunday, October 16th, 2011
@ SoWieKino | Weisestrasse 24 (Neukölln) | Berlin

Re-Vision. Italian Independent Cinema aims to show what we consider a fragment of the creativity in the realm of moving images that seethes in contemporary Italy.

A rich and heterogeneous selection, polymorphic and polyphonic. A mishmash of stories made of contradictions and differences, images and suggestions. Eight different works, with different techniques and styles, but sharing the same indipendent attitude and the need to create moving images regardless of everything and everyone. From the breathtaking animations by Virgilio Villoresi, to the “scratches” on film by Bennet Pimpinella, through the visionary madness of Giacomo Nanni and Gipi (screened for the first time outside Italy) and the faces and stories taken from the streets by Istituto Micropunta.

A kaleidoscope of dystonic images which we believe contains a wealth of brilliant insights and evidence of how the future and the present of what we used to call the seventh art is constantly able to reinvent itself while never losing its power to fascinate us. Because cinema is alive, and keeps fighting with us.

A part of this selection was shown at the X edition of DobiArtEventi 2011, from August 23rd to September 4th 2011, in Dobbia/Staranzano (Gorizia, Italy).

For further information and interviews with the selected authors, please refer to the pages of Rapporto Confidenziale:

Alessio Galbiati & Roberto Rippa



/// The selection

Ricompensati (Rewarded)
Giacomo Nanni + Gipi | 2011 | 1’34”

Voglio comprarmi una persona (I Want To Buy a Person)
Giacomo Nanni + Gipi | 2011 | 1’50”

Virgilio Villoresi | 2009 | 4’16”

The Rain
Virgilio Villoresi, Ericailcane | 2007 | Length: 3’27”

Burning Emina
Bennet Pimpinella | 2009-2010 | 16’26”

Studie No°13 – Tu Ti Buchi
Bennet Pimpinella | 2005 | 3’42”

Istituto Micropunta | 2006 | 4’

The World Famous Pontani Sisters
Istituto Micropunta | 2006 | 4’


/// The directors & the movies

«I am an admirer of Giacomo Nanni’s work. I’ve always believed, since the first time I met him in Ravenna, that he has a few pages of a story never told and seen before. In addition to comics, Giacomo has started not long ago to add some beautiful animations to the stories he regularly publish on the website Il Post.
I really don’t remember who between him and me decided to work together in the first place, probably it was a decision made by both of us. One morning, at around five, I woke up with a few words in my mind. I jotted them down, transformed them in micromusic and then sent them to Giacomo.
He would later create an animation with those words and music. I believe there was a tacit agreement between us that might have sounded something like this: “I can write whatever I want, put whatever sound I want on it and you create the drawings and the animations. And none of us will say anything to the other. This is how it went. Since then, we spoke to each other just once. Today I received the completed animation. It’s called “Ricompensati”, meaning “Rewarded”.
We’ll work together again.»

– Gipi

Ricompensati (Rewarded)
Somebody has a Department, Somebody has a ski pass.
Direction, Animation: Giacomo Nanni | Sound, Voice, Music: Gipi | Year: 2011 | Length: 1’34”
italiano / subt. english

Voglio comprarmi una persona (I Want To Buy a Person)
A fixed idea.
Direction, Animation: Giacomo Nanni | Sound, Voice, Music: Gipi | Year: 2011 | Length: 1’50”
italiano / subt. english

«I’ve been studying cinema at DAMS (Disciplines of the Arts, Music and Spectacle) but this didn’t help me at all in my work practice.
What I learnt, I learnt it myself by watching films. My real school was the domestic screeening of hundreds of films watched with the intention to learn from them. My mother was a dancer, my father was always absent because he was working in Germany.
I grew up with my grandmother because my mother toured all over Europe. Then she came back and started teaching ballet at our home. Since then I grew up watching dance shoes, listening to Satie and smelling cobbler’s wax.
There have been basically two currents of cinema since its birth: the Lumière’s and the Méliès’. I feel, I am part of the Méliès one. My distinctive tracts are a reality that doesn’t exist, the objects that come alive on an earth (that’s obviously spherical) which is fully covered in soap and slides, slides and slides.»

– Virgilio Villoresi

Metaphysical composition on the relationship between bi-dimensional and tri-dimensional animation.
Direction: Virgilio Villoresi | Animation, Editing, Photography: V. Villoresi, Carlo Cossignani | Screenplay: Luca Ghedini | Set design: Vivì Ponti, Virgilio Villoresi | Actor: Giacomo Fava | Music: Andrea Martignoni | Distribution: Sassopasso | Year: 2009 | Length: 4’16”

The Rain
To fly, to love, to fall – frame by frame.
Direction: Virgilio Villoresi, Ericailcane | Music: Lou Rhodes (Lamb) | Year: 2007 | Length: 3’27”

«Working with film has disrupted my life. It took me two and a half months to accomplish “Romborama”. Two and a half months means that in one single night I could do a hundred frames and to do that I need not to have interferences coming from the outside world. To follow a logical order, a sign, I need to be concentrated. I work at night because then nobody can stop me. I work from 3 in the afternoon until 6 in the morning when I do this kind of work on film. I want to continue to make handicraft works to be different from other people.»
– Bennet Pimpinella

Burning Emina
Cross, performance, erotism, madness, scratch running into the vital space of people that you meet in the street.
Direction, Scratched and Performed: Bennet Pimpinella | In collaboration with: Alessandro Chiodo | Soundtrack: Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (The Bloody Beetroots) | Photo: Eleonora Deidda | Film format: Shot in Film Super 8 – Telecine HD | Year: 2009-2010 | Length: 16’26”

Studie No°13 – Tu Ti Buchi
Scratched abstractionism in 8mm.
Direction, Scratched: Bennet Pimpinella | Music: Khonnor | Song: Screen Love | Album: Handwriting | Film format: Super8 | Year: 2005 | Length: 3’42”

«We could say that we both spontaneously share a special interest towards the so-called ordinary people who nevertheless possess peculiar qualities that stand outside the norm. Ours is a street culture: it’s there that we catch the characters and the faces for our stories. People both common and extraordinary like all of us could be if we didn’t live in a muffled way.»
– Fabrizio Vegliona (Istituto Micropunta)

The most famous spleen sandwiches’ seller in Palermo.
Direction, Story, Screenplay, Shooting, Editing: Istituto Micropunta | Year: 2006 | Length: 4’
italiano / subt. english

The World Famous Pontani Sisters
The Pontani Sisters, American Queens of burlesque, engaged in an hilarious lesson in style.
Direction, Story, Screenplay, Shooting, Editing: Istituto Micropunta | Year: 2006 | Length: 4’
italiano / subt. english


/// BIO


Giacomo Nanni was born in Rimini in 1971. As a comic books illustrator he has worked with Mano, Saldapress, Lo straniero, Hamelin, Glomp (Finland), Sai comics (Korea), Black (Italy and France), Internazionale, Slow Food, Canicola, Rolling Stone, Cornelius (France), and many other.
He has published books such as “ Storia di uno che andò in cerca della paura “, “Cronachette”, “Cronachette 2”, “Cronachette 3” with Coconino Press, “Chroniquettes” in France with publisher Cornelius. In 2005 he won the Prize for Best Short Story in Lucca Comics with the story “La più bella cosa “. In 2006 he was awarded with the Prize “Nuove strade” at the Napoli Comicon and in 2008 with the ANAFI Prize. He has participated in a few collective exhibitions. Among the latest ones in Rome, Modena and Pamplona. He has not a degree in mathematics.


Gian Alfonso Pacinotti (Pisa, 1963), a.k.a. Gipi, is an Italian cartoonist and a filmmaker. He began illustrating stories and comics in 1992 and his works have been published in Cuore, Blue, Il Clandestino, Boxer, Il Manifesto and Lo Straniero. His works also appear in the newspaper La Repubblica and the magazine Internazionale. His graphic novel “Appunti per una Storia di Guerra” (“Notes pour une histoire de guerre”, “Notes for a War Story”), published by Coconino Press, appeared in France and was published in the United States by First Second Books, and won the 2005 Goscinny Prize for Best Script and was proclaimed Best Book at Angoulême in 2006.
Gipi has created “Gli Innocenti” (“The Innocents”) for the Ignatz Series and in 2006 this work earned him an Eisner Award nomination and a Max & Moritz Prize.
In 2000, he founded Santa Maria Video. He is editor of the Esterno Notte anthology and a teacher at the Academy for fine arts. His debut as a film director, “L’ultimo terreste” (“The Last Earthling”) premiered at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.

Virgilio Villoresi (Fiesole, 1979) is a genius in the animation field, there’s no doubt about this. It’s enough to take a quick look at his works to realize how extraordinary, out of time and far from us they are. What’s difficult to get is how such things were made.
He learnt alchemical synthesis from Harry Smith, structural ontology from Jonas Mekas, how to make art of garbage from Jack Smith, ritual magic from Kenneth Anger.
His early inspirations include Polish animators (Jan Lenica, Zbigniew Rybczyński, Walerian Borowczyk, Daniel Schezcura,Jerzy Ziztmann) the European experimenters cinema (Patrick Bokanowski, Chris Marker, Straub and Huillet), american underground (Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Brothers Kuchar) european avant-garde (Jean Cocteau, Luis Bunuel, Man Ray, Oscar Fischinger) Italian experimental (Paolo Gioli, Alberto Grifi) as well as avant-garde theater, art and literature.
Lives and works in Milan.

Bennet Pimpinella is a brilliant artist. Born in 1977, he studied cinema at the Academy of L’Aquila and since then he’s been steadily working in cinema and TV. Among his many experiences, he worked as an assistant to Vittorio Storaro. Bennet is an eccentric experimenter in moving pictures. His cinema, entirely visible from its site, is pure joy for both eyes and spirit. In perfect balance between analog and digital paradigm, is a perfect example of the possibilities provided by the web for the expression of one’s creative talent.
He lives and works in Rome.

Fabrizio Vegliona and Monica Carrozzoni, aka Istituto Micropunta, come from an unorthodox and atypical background that they define as “from the art and the streets” where they get suggestions and styles and above all an extraordinary attitude for a direct language.
They’ve been living and working for several years in London, Paris and Berlin where they developed a very broad view of contemporary styles while working in several areas: from fashion to arts, from drawing to videos. One of their latest projects – “Power to the Sisters” – is tightly tied to the world of prostitution and strictly bound to the novel “Per Dio e l’Impero”, published in 1999 under the name Stickyboy.
They currently live in Milan, but they are always ready to head anywhere there is a story that needs to be told.


Digital Magazine about Cinematic Culture

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