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Jean-Luc Godard
La serie Digital Anthology della rivista statunitense Film Comment raccoglie tutti gli articoli su un tema o un autore già pubblicati sul periodico. La pubblicazione dedicata a Jean-Luc Godard (ottobre 2014) parte da un pezzo di Frederick Wellington del 1965 e si conclude con un’analisi di Film Socialisme datata 2010 a cura Amy Taubin. Nel mezzo testi di Robin Wood, Jonathan Rosenbaum, Gilbert Adair, Raymond Durgnat, Kent Jones, and many more.

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Digital-Anthology Godard



• From Summer 1965: three films from Paris, including Une Femme Mariée by Frederick Wellington

• From Fall 1971: Wind From the East by Joan Mellen

• From March/April 1973: Jerry Lewis and Frank Tashlin’s influence on Godard by Jonathan Rosenbaum

• From May/June 1974: Tout Va Bien by Steven Simmons

• From July/August 1975: Robin Wood on the Vertov Group

• From May/June 1977: Godard’s Numéro Deux and fellow Cahiers du Cinéma critic Jean-Louis Camolli’s La Cecilia by Robin Wood

• From May/June 1981: Six Times Two/On and Under Communication and France/Tour/Detour/Two/Children by Gilbert Adair

• From November/December 1987: Godard’s jeans commercials for Girbaud by H.A. Rodchenko

• From May/June 1988: on the omnibus opera film, Aria by Michael Walsh

• From March/April 1995: after declining to accept a Special Award from the New York Film Critics Circle, Godard provides a short-list of grievances against the film industry

• From March/April 1996: Nouvelle Vague, Hélas pour moi, JLG/JLG, and Histoire(s) du cinéma by Armond White

• From March/April 1996: an extensive interview with Godard by Gavin Smith

• From September/October 1998: interview with Godard on his Nineties works and concerns by Jonathan Rosenbaum

• From September/October 2000: on the audio track release of Histoire(s) du cinéma by Kent Jones

• From November/December 2001: on the cacophony of images and sounds in Godard’s In Praise of Love by Chris Norris

• From January/February 2002: review of In Praise of Love by Amy Taubin

• From January/February 2002: In Praise of Love-era interview with Godard by Jean-Yves Gaillac, Tissy Morgue, and Jean-Philippe Guerand

• From January/February 2002: analysis of Godard as visual stylist and philosopher by Kent Jones

• From July/August 2002: Godard’s return to the freeze-frame and theories on montage by Serge Daney

• From September/October 2003: on Godard’s mixed-media video essay Liberty and Homeland by Frédéric Bonnaud

• From January/February 2004: review of Colin McCabe’s biography of Godard by J. Hoberman

• From January/February 2005: on the art of reading Godard analytically by Richard Combs and Raymond Durgnat

• From January/February 2005: a behind-the-scenes portrait of Godard on the set of Notre musique by Frédéric Bonnaud

• From July/August 2006: on Godard’s installation for the Pompidou Center by Amy Taubin

• From May/June 2010: tracing Breathless back to its origins by Geoffrey O’Brien

• From September/October 2010: Godard takes on digital media in Film Socialisme by Amy Taubin


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